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Ha'Penny Bridge, Dublin // taken in March 2012
The next weeks are going to be exciting! I'm off to Nuremberg/Bavaria tomorrow, Berlin in two weeks, Dublin in five weeks, and then off to Malaysia and Singapore! Some trips have to do with a bit of business, all have to do with pleasure. It's gonna be an exciting mix of art, fashion, music, film and food. And the love for all of it. Stay tuned.


A Therapy

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cut it out!

All pictures taken from style.com 
Oh I have to apologize to you all. I have been a bad bad blogger lately. But so many things have been happening, I just didn't find the time to sit down and wirte an entry in the quality I want and that I think you deserve. But here I am again, and I hope you are not to cross with me.

For months now I have been obsessed with these beautiful laser cut-out Dresses Giles Deacon showed in his Spring/Summer 2012 collection. Well I am obviously aware that we moved on to Fall/Winter 2012 already, but as I still am utterly in love with them I decided I had to write something about them nevertheless.

When I first saw the show last year, I immediately had to think of Björk. Giles Deacons inspiration being swans (among others), he showed headpieces that where remarkably similar to the icelandic singers iconic swan dress which she wore 2001 to the 73rd annual academy awards.

But then, said laser cut-out dresses. And all I could think of was Bovey Lee. The Hongkong-born artist is a master of the traditional chinese art of paper-cutting. Sounds simple enough, but what this woman does is beyond imagination. Bovey Lee hand cuts chinese rice paper in a way so delicate and intricate, that it blew me away the first time I saw it and still does whenever I check her homepage to see if she did something new. Her work reflects her own life experiences, headlines and current events (e.g Tsunami) and just shows, that art truly does inspire great fashion.

All pictures taken from boveylee.com

All pictures taken from www.boveylee.com


manly like umit

Retired Rockers Fall/Winter 2010/11 // Copyright Hersteller/Umit Benan
Umit Benan (right/rechts), Nino Cerruti (middle/mitte) // Clothes by Umit Benan // Copyright Hersteller/Umit Benan

Umit sagt, Männer müssen männlich sein. Ich finde, da hat er Recht. Und was er männlich findet, zeigt der in Deutschland geborene Türke Jahr für Jahr auf den großen Modeschauen der Welt. Das er das richtig gut macht, findet nicht nur Suzy Menkes sondern auch sein Idol Nino Cerruti. Seine Fans wachsen, auch wenn er mit „Pennerbart“, Baggys und NavyJacket in seiner Wahlheimat Mailand aus dem klassischen Modedesigner-Style heraus sticht. Überhaupt, italienischer Glamour ist nicht sein Ding – Umit setzt auf ausbalancierte Schlampigkeit. Das sagt er übrigens selber von sich.
Ich finde den gut, also den Stil. Und auch ein bisschen den Umit. Wegen seinem Bart. Und weil er den Metrosexuellen Waschlappen endlich den gar aus macht. 

Seine Designs kannst du hier kaufen.

Umit says that men have to be manly. I think he’s right. And every year, on all the big fashion shows worldwide, the german-born turkish designer shows how he defines masculinity. Not only Suzy Menkes thinks he’s doing a good job – no, even his icon Nino Cerruti loves his work. And even though he doesn’t look like a stereotypical designer with all his baggy pants, the navy jackets and his „Hobo-Beard“, his fanbase is growing nevertheless.  Talking about his Style: Although living in Milan, all this italian glamour is not quite his cup of tea. Umit likes a sort of balanced slouchiness. His words, not mine.
I do like his style. And, let’s be honest, I like him. One of the reasons why is his beard. And the fact, that he and his designs are finally killing off those metrosexual weaklings.

 Buy his clothes here.

This is Umit.