trier walls

Great moments: If your Dad and you both start photographing Streetart. I did so in Berlin, he did so in Trier. Those are his finds. Blogworthy, absolutely.  <3


Here it is: The proof, that wonderful Natalia Tena is more than just a witch with crazy coloured hair.
Love it! <3


dress for soccer success

Russian or Fan of the Russian Team? Read more here!

German or Fan of the German Team? Read more here!
Maybe you are like me. Maybe you are not the biggest football fan. But maybe you still like all those big Sports-Events cause it gives you exciting new styling possibilities. If that's the case, you'll love the new series on Infamous Mag. I wrote a little something for you about how to dress properly for the different nationalities of the tournament. Hope you like it! There will be more in the next coupla days!


stylemoment nuremberg

If you guys read the blog carefully, you know that I have been in the lovely city of Nuremberg last weekend. I did stay with my dear friend Vanessa, who, in my humble opinion, is one of the most stylish people I have ever met. To prove my point, I took a picture of her while we were waiting for the subway. Sexy yet laid back, if you ask me (and i'm fully aware that you didn't). Oh and I fell in love with her jumper! If anyone has one spare, you know how to reach me. ;)

Vanessa is wearing: Jumper: River Island, ca. € 16 // Skirt: H&M, ca €15 // Shoes: New Look, ca € 13 // Bag: Vintage, bought in Birmingham// Jacket: Cos, ca € 90

By the way, I'm not the only one who thinks her style rocks! Beginning of this year, Vanessa has been photographed for a streetstyle story for the german citymagazine "Prinz". Doesn't she look smashing?


Hey dear friends! InfamousMagazine got a brilliant review in the new Conley's Magazine!
We are very happy to see that all you out there really seem to like it! Thanks so much!