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Exciting times, everybody! A coupla weeks ago, the lovely Daniela from ladyblog invited me to do my own personal lovelist for their page! The result is now online!
You have realized that it has been a bit quiet here lately, and I still owe you some things I worked on in Dublin, and believe you me, they will come! But reason for my absence from blogging was the fact that I was graduating from university! I only have to do my thesis and my last project now and i'll be done for good. Hooray!
But now, first, off to Asia! Yes, you've heard right, I'm gonna fly to Kuala Lumpur tomorrow! There will be trips to Koh Samui and Singapore as well, so stay tuned, lovely readers, as I will write about it all. In due time. 'Til then, shop the sales :)

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