how to be a bad blogger

no time for blogging, but time for a pint, of course
So here we are: It's Mid-July and I still haven't blogged anything this month. Shame on me! But as I told you a coupla weeks ago: I was travelling like a mad-woman. First Nuremberg, Berlin twice and Dublin last week. And between all this one did have to work and study a little bit. A bit more to be precise, as I am just about to graduate university and writing for Infamous Magazine obviously can't be ignored either. But enough with the lame excuses! I solemnly swear that I will make it up to you the next coupla days.
Dublin proved, yet again, to be hot ground for art, music, design, and well, culture in general. I met some great people while being over there, some of which I had the pleasure to interview for this blog. You shall read the results of those lovely little meet-cutes here soon. I will start, however, with an entry about a fantastic little Film Festival in Dublin, that I did help set up and which was also reason of me flying over there now. Stay tuned my friends, as a proper blog-entry about it will follow veeery soon! Till then...have a pint. x J.

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