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So as you all now, I've been to Dublin just now! Main reason for that was a lovely little Film Festival called "Freshly Squeezed" that some of my friends started and that I also helped organising. I cannot possibly desribe the feeling I had when I saw it all come together after 8 months of planning. When I watched the first movie called "The White Square" (which ended up winning the audience award) flickering over the big I just had a rush of utter happiness running through me.
And all this mainly thanks to my wonderful friend Piret Saar. It was her idea last year october to organize a film festival that showcases the work from filmstudents all over the world. There aren't enough opportunities for young filmmakers to show their projects to the public, and that was exactly the goal of this event.
Networking and gaining experience was another aspect of the festival. Seminars with professionals like cinematographer Peter Robertson and animator Robert Cullen provided everybody with useful information about how to get started in their fields and what to expect during their careers.

But now to the main stars of this festival: the movies! I have to say, I still cannot believe that the movies we showed were actually all works of students! They were so perfectly well executed, that they all looked like they were done by professionals. No matter if Drama, Experimental, Documentry or Animation, everybody really did their best. At the end though, only two movies could win, one that got chosen by the audience, and one that got chosen by our jury. If you want to know more about them, you should check out the Freshly Squeezed Homepage. Btw: If you click in the about us section, you can see everybody involved, including yours truly ;)

To wrap it up: It all went so well that it's been already decided to put it on again next year, even bigger and better. If you are interested in showing your movie or volunteering to organize it with us all, you can find all the information, again, on the Freshly Squeezed Homepage. :)
Robert Cullen talking animatedly about animation at the Freshly Squeezed Film Festival

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